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From left to right: Ken Halcrow, Don Styan, Don Halcrow, Zoe Fowler, Sheila Woods, Dave Findlay, Valerie McEdwards, Faith Power, Vivian Van Agglen

Ron Hughes, Ken Halcrow, me 04.02.jpg

From left to right: Ron Hughes, Zoe Fowler, Ken Halcrow. Taken May '02. Lookin' good Zoe!

Lorraine Pollard, Ken Halcrow, Ron Hughes.jpg

From left to right: Ron Hughes, Ken Halcrow, Lorraine Pollard. I'm assuming this was taken May '02 also.



This picture taken in Ottawa in August of '03. So what's with us twits out West that we can't get together occasionally?


Doreen Grey and David Evans at the Ottawa '03 reunion


The guys actually phoned me from Ottawa while this reunion was taking place and passed the phone around to everyone.  It was great!







This picture taken in Ottawa in April of '04.  A very strong contingent of us present in Ottawa.
Left to right: Jim Stewart, Bob Meek, Jackie Findlay, Dave Findlay, Lorraine Pollard, Faith Power, Faye Helgason, Zoe Fowler, Dave Evans (seated), Bill and Juanita Brown (seated), Glen McLean (standing), Carol Delmage Emond, Jim's wife, and Cameron Emond.


Dave Evans, Glen McLean and Zoe Fowler


The Emonds


The Findlays with Faye Helgason


Lorraine and Faith getting into trouble again as usual!


The Meeks


'93 Reunion



Left to Right: Ron Smith (teacher), Michael Kelly, Christine Oak


Back row: Marie Swindells (Chafe), Nancy Johnston
Front: Barb Gilfoy (Scott), Colleen Orr, and Andree Hammond (Nancy's son)


Left to Right: Jackie Johnston, Cindy Johnston, Andree Lafleur, Gladys Cockram, Heather Espeter

93Reun1.jpgCarol Jones, Christine Oak, and Andree Lafleur


Cindy Johnston, Darcy Green, Brian Demond, Ken Demond, Gary Charlton, Jack Witt, David Grandmaison, Rick Faulkner


Left to right: Delores Francis, Dana Sittler, Leanna Parsons and Brenda LeBlanc

Faye_Ron93.jpg Faye Linseman and Ron Helgason (her cousin) at the '93 Reunion.


Richard Leclair with unidentified partner at the '93 Reunion.


Mel Rioux and Murray Booth at the '93 Reunion.


Edith Walker with Wayne Helgason...the Gentle Giant. '93 Reunion


Tim Parsons at the Artillery Reunion in the summer of 2000.


Same reunion in 2000. Carol LeBlanc and James MacKenzie.


Moose Hoyland surrounded by a bevy of beauties.


Faye Linseman, Lorraine Pollard and Judy Morgan drooling over the most recent reunion pictures.


Here's trouble if I ever saw it. Mike Pineau, Murray Booth and Larry Conners at the '93 Reunion. God only knows what they are plotting this time!

Bill Brown, Faye Linseman and Zoe Fowler at recent riverboat cruise reunion in Ontario.

Bill and Faye at the same reunion....lucky guy!



Reunion 1983
The '83 Reunion now has its own site. Please click on the link to view it.

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