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Where to begin. First of all, thank you to Doug Jordan, Boyd van Aggelen, and their team for putting on a wonderful 50’s and 60’s (and 70’s) reunion. They made the whole process seem seamless, when, in fact, I’m sure it was not. A big thank you to Edith for her fantastic slide show of the weekend! Girl, I so admire your creativity and the way you captured the essence of those of us who attended. The slide show is AWESOME!!!

Thank you to the teachers who attended, particularly Miss Sheehan, who made Math 12, my second time around, so much more sense, and Mrs. McKay, my English 12 teacher.

Greg Leskiw and Don Jordan, we enjoyed your music, and thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to entertain us on Saturday evening. The “Peppermint Twist” has been renewed!

Thank you to all those who attended, and sorry to those who were unable to, you missed a great time. Couldn’t have asked for better weather either.

It was wonderful seeing our fellow Brats and catching up with their lives. A positive experience all around!

Judy Rioux, Class of ‘67. ;)

Added: August 23, 2018
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"Mind blowing" best describes the Shilobrats Reunion nearly 3 weeks ago. There were 68 brats and significant others registered at the Meet and Greets, and there were 9 teachers and 2 of their spouses who visited to say hello. Having ten people from the Class of '65 (one third of the class) was quite remarkable, considering we haven't seen each other for 53 years. There was a good turnout from other classes in the late 60's as well. Denise and I (and many of the attendees) thought that CanadInns (on St, Matthews), close to Polo Park, Safeway, etc. was the perfect venue for us to socialize in small and large groups over the three days. We'd like to thank the other committee members for their skills the past 10 months in organizing and pulling off this event, to the folks who waited patiently as we got ourselves organized, to the brats who brought us coffee (and some wine) as we registered people, to the anonymous person who covered our supper on Saturday, to the bands who entertained us with music from our young adulthood days, to the bus driver (Clint) who got us safely to Shilo (and to his buddy who guided our tour around the townsite and campsite), to Jules, the photographer from The Shilo Stag who took some candid pictures and posted them on FaceBook, to the Junior Ranks Club for their hospitality, to the staff at the Royal Canadian Artillery Museum who welcomed us, and to the weatherman for the beautiful weather that weekend. And to every one else, thanks for the hugs, for the flowers, and for the memories. :!clap: :!party: :!sun: :!inlove:

Added: August 22, 2018
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Sitting here a week later still coming down off the "high" from that AWESOME reunion!

The word "magical" keeps coming to mind when I think about it.

The laughs/giggles. the renewing of old friendships, the re-telling of well-worn old local tales, the dancing like a kid and the frequent hugs were indeed magical!

The organizers and volunteers all deserve big THANKS and hugs for creating and making the whole event possible.

A "Mid Summer Night's Dream" for sure!

Added: August 12, 2018
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This was our first reunion, and likely our last. Mary (McDonell) celebrated her 1963 graduation with 4 of her classmates, Rod McLeod, Ann & Lawrence Roland, and Doug Jordan.
We were very impressed with the entire event, and enjoyed every moment. We had family commitments on the Sunday bus trip,so were unable to return to Shilo.

We want to thank all those involved in organizing,and staging the reunion, a great job, well done.

Added: August 11, 2018
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Totally enjoyed the Shilo part of the '18 reunion. So wonderful to see some of the gang I haven't seen for a long time. A real treat! Thanks to all the organizers. A job well done!

Added: August 10, 2018
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Whoever said “you can never go back,” has never been to a Shilobrat reunion. The Polo Park venue was perfect for our event. The wrap-around lobby lounge accomodated the well attended Friday night Meet & Greet. The spacious Aaltos Restaurant with both menu and buffet choices was ideal for our large group dinner and the smaller groups that gathered over the three days. The open and well lit Sports Bar hosted the Saturday Meet & Greet and the wind-down gatherings after the planned activities, the Event Center, previously a night club, set up pefectly for our featured bands, dancing, and audio visual presentations...and if you still had time to spare, Polo Park and the surrounding area was a shopper's wonderland.

For some, the trip to Shilo brought back memories of where our journey in life began. Whether it was only part of our youth or all of it, Shilo forged an indelible legacy of experiences and friends that remain with us forever. The success of Shilobrat reunions is a testament

Thank you, to the organizers, Boyd Van Aggelen, Denise Pike, Karen Middleton, Gerald Brown and Doug Jordan for having the vision, then pushing it to the max.

Thank you, to the members of ShiloBrats web team Lonnie Frankow, Edie Walker, Faye Helgason and Ken Jenkins for the promotion and audio visual presentations.

Thank you, to Greg Leskiw, Don Jordan and MC Bill Brown for hosting the fabulous evening of music and entertainment.

Thank you, to Jules Xzavier and the Shilo Stag for photos and covering the Shilo reunion visit.

Most of all, Thank you Shilobrats for coming through once again to make the '60's Reunion 2018' the special and memorable event that it was. :!clap: :!clap: :!clap:

Added: August 10, 2018
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It was a fantastic weekend in Winnipeg & Shilo, I want to put out a BIG THUMBS UP to all of those who worked so hard to put this together, I wont mention any names as the mind gets a little forgetful and I would no doubt miss mentioning someone you all know who you are.

To all the Brats that could not make it you missed a fantastic weekend with super entertainment that did take us back to our youth, meeting up with long lost friends and Brats that we did not know or did not remember. All of the stories brought back a lot of good memories that had been forgotten or were very foggy.

I do have to thank Gerald Brown on his super record keeping with his hard work Brats will always have a recorded HISTORY OF THE BRATS AND THEIR EXPERIENCES IN SHILO.

Hope enjoys the rest of the Summer, George

Added: August 8, 2018
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Had a great time at the reunion missed all the previous ones due to military missions lol. Sure nice to meet people you haven’t seen in so many years some faces never change and meeting some people actually bring you back to years gone by.Sad 'to see it end wish more friends had have shown up at the bbq,nice to see you Cameron .

Added: August 7, 2018
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Everyone have a safe and great long weekend!

Added: August 3, 2018
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IT'S FINALLY HERE!...the week of the 'Shilobrats 60's Reunion 2018' (with brats from the 50's & 70's) Miss Sheehan and other teachers will be there with almost a hundred others who were classmates and friends in the 50's, 60's & 70's and IT'S NOT TOO LATE FOR YOU TO JOIN IN.

Drop by one of the Meet & Greets Friday Aug. 3, 7-9 pm, or Saturday, Aug. 4, 2-4 pm (no ticket required) or join us for a buffet dinner on Saturday starting at 5 pm (individual's expense) Tickets $35 will be available there, and at the door for the main event Saturday night staring at 7pm, featuring 2 bands, cash bar, and includes a light meal at 10 pm. We have the whole night club for our event.

And someone asked “Why isn't the Reunion in Shilo”

OK, The '60's 'Reunion 2018' is coming to Shilo - Sunday, August 5. If you live in the Shilo/Sprucewoods/Brandon area and want to be part of the '60's Reunion 2018', we are coming to you. There is a bus full of 60's Shilobrats (others will be driving there) from the Winnipeg reunion event to revisit Shilo. Some of us haven't been back for over 40 years.

Join us for a Barbecue Lunch at El Prado Club / Jr. Ranks Mess starting at noon, Sunday, August 5.

Barbecue Lunch $15.00 / salads, burgers, hotdogs and desserts / Cash Bar

There is still room on the bus for more, Tickets $50 for the Shilo trip (includes the bbq lunch) returns to Winnipeg around 5 pm. Tickets are also available at the Meet & Greets, buffet and main event. You can also drive there on your own or with others and join us there.

AND IF YOU CAN'T BE THERE … Gill Willerton said: “What would be nice if the ones not going to the reunion have a message post to relay to all being there” You can still be part of the Reunion by posting your message here in ShiloBrats Guestbook. See you there! (or here)

Added: August 1, 2018
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